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Don't let disasters ruin your life or bankrupt your business. Most insurance companies suggest to plan ahead, to be prepared, have a photo video inventory done to minimize the risk of losing your property!

We also offer other photography services to help your business attract, engage and retain clients, such as: Virtual Tours, Product photography, Corporate Photography, GoPro Photography and Promotional Video Clips.


What A1 id Pro can do for you

Most insurance companies suggest to get your photo video inventory done! A1 id Pro helps you avoid lengthy claims later, in case of emergency. If you lack a proper inventory, you could wait months before your insurance claim is resolved!

Could you afford the delays,costs and disappointment?

It is surprising how hard we work to acquire new property, antiques or art collections.Yet people give little time or thought to document & protect them in case of an property loss claim.

Think about it now, so you won't regret it later!

By having an accurate Photo Video Inventory Proof of your property, it will allow you and your insurer to evaluate the correct amount of coverage you need for your family or business so you can repair and/or replace all the property you own, in case of a disaster.Having a proper photo video inventory proof will help you settle an insurance claim much faster, since the insurance company will have documented proof of what was in your home or business in Montreal Quebec Canada. You would also be less likely to forget items when making a claim, when you have a good photo video inventory insurance proof.Taking the time now to do a photo video inventory, will help you rebuild your life faster, if a disaster were to occur.

Furthermore, we can offer complete Photography / Video services, depending on your requirements: corporate photography, product photography, video clips for small and medium business, HD 360 Virtual Tours, legal proof photography, photos or content for PowerPoint presentations and Video to DVD transfer Service.

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Our insurance company suggested to make a photo video inventory to
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